Welcome to Telfair International Academy: Nurturing Global Minds, Inspiring Excellence!

Telfair International Academy is an esteemed international private English medium school located in Mauritius, following the time-honored British curriculum. Situated on the scenic west coast of the island in Tamarin, our co-educational school offers a comprehensive educational journey from 3 months to 15 years old. Our curriculum ensures a strong foundation for students to transition seamlessly to renowned private upper secondary schools worldwide.

Our Diverse Community and Educational Philosophy

Telfair International Academy is a melting pot of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Our student population is a rich tapestry of Mauritians, foreigners, and expatriates. This diversity is our strength, and it is imperative for us to value and respect all cultures and religions amongst our pupils. In doing so, we aim to instill a profound sense of belonging in every child.

Central to our philosophy is the belief that children must be confident in their achievements. By celebrating their accomplishments and constantly encouraging them to strive for improvement, we foster a growth mindset. It’s not just about academics; it’s about inculcating positive attitudes towards oneself and a genuine respect for others. This ethos is further amplified by our low student-to-teacher ratio, allowing our dedicated teaching staff to create an optimal learning environment for each child.

However, our view on education is not myopic. Beyond traditional academic subjects, we offer a diverse range of specialized topics. These are helmed by qualified educators who are passionate about unlocking every child’s full potential. 

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that when children graduate from Telfair International Academy, they do so with stellar academic achievements under their belt. But more importantly, they leave us as well-rounded individuals, imbued with good values, perseverance, and equipped with the vital skills and knowledge that will serve them well in their future endeavors.

Our History:

Telfair International Academy first opened its doors in 1999 with our nursery and pre-primary school, initially named Tiny Tots Day Care Centre. We evolved to Telfair International Primary School in 2007 to serve children up to 12 years old. Recognizing the need for a smooth academic transition, we expanded our offerings with a lower secondary school and introduced The Bridge, a program meticulously designed for bridging and learning support.

What We Offer

Telfair International Academy stands by its commitment to a holistic education. While we proudly offer the traditional British curriculum, we also promote critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. Our diverse co-curricular activities encompass sports, arts, and extracurricular clubs, granting students the freedom to pursue their passions. The intimate nature of our classrooms ensures personalized attention, fostering both academic and personal growth.

Why Choose Us

Nurturing and Stimulating Environment: Our core lies in creating an atmosphere conducive to growth, fostering a love for learning

Small Class Sizes: Personalized attention is not just a promise but our reality, ensuring individualized academic progress.

Holistic Development: Beyond textbooks, we focus on the overall development, from talents to life skills.

The Bridge Program: An unrivaled support system for students needing that extra push or specialized attention, bolstered by contracted specialists and a therapy dog.

Established Feeder School:Our collaboration with Le Bocage Secondary High School in Moka provides a clear path forward for our students.

Why the Name?

Dr. Charles Telfair was more than just a historical figure in the annals of Mauritius; he was an innovator, a visionary, and a humanitarian. Enlisting in the British Royal Navy in 1797, Dr. Telfair’s journey led him to the shores of the Indian Ocean by 1810.

Notably, he was a pioneer in the realm of education, becoming the first sugar estate owner to establish a school for the children of his workers. His innovation extended to agricultural methods as well. He introduced machinery that enhanced productivity and was the first to utilize a horizontal sugar mill on the island.

But Telfair’s contributions weren’t limited to industry. As a passionate naturalist, his expeditions allowed him to document numerous plant and animal species. His love for nature and a desire to share his knowledge culminated in the foundation of the Natural History Society in Mauritius, formed alongside fellow naturalists. His botanical and zoological acumen led to the introduction of new flora and fauna to Mauritius. Today, his legacy is imprinted on the island with various species and landmarks proudly bearing his name.

Despite the tumultuous times of the Napoleonic Wars, Dr. Telfair’s character shone through. He garnered respect from both the French and British, testament to his diplomatic and compassionate nature. Throughout his time in Mauritius, he actively worked towards uplifting the lives of its inhabitants, transcending ethnic and cultural boundaries. His efforts were distinctly ahead of his time, making him an emblem of progressiveness.

Telfair’s legacy is beautifully encapsulated in his emblem: an arm holding an arrow. It stands as a symbol of his steadfast belief that with self-confidence, vision, courage, and unwavering conviction, one can achieve their goals – even without the aid of a bow. At Telfair International Academy, we proudly bear his name, hoping to instill the same values in our students as Dr. Charles Telfair did.